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The World’s longest underwater kiss

The mind boggles – but when the sun is out, and the warm winds are blowing up and down the coast, you need to take your mind off things and relax, and for some people that means going to Aquafan, one of the Adriatic Riviera’s many theme parks (there are so many that there’s a specific advertising campaign for Emilia-Romagna focussed just on letting the world know how many theme parks there are here!), and trying to beat the world record for the length of time an underwater kiss can last.

For the record, for the third year running, Fidel Rios e Claudia Petazzoni have won the IKE (International Kiss Event), though their winning time of 2 minutes and three seconds wasn’t enough to beat the world record (2 minutes and 27 second – from a couple of years ago at the Rimini Wellness trade-fair, at the Aquafan stand).

The winning couple apparently spend their winters training in the swimming pools of Ferrara, along with serious sessions of yoga – Rios told local papers that, in particular, Pranayama  had helped their rhythm considerably.

We, at the Rimini Blog, though, are more concerned about the yoga that Riccione’s mayor may have been studying, given that launching the event he apparently augured that it would one day reach the olympics – albeit at exhibition level.

It’s hot weather here on the Adriatic coast – enough to drive you mad, perhaps!

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  1. Tony Charman says:


    For the record I hold, or used to jointly hold the record for the longest underwater kiss. The first record of 2mins 32secs was set at the then Ramada Hotel in Brighton in 1988 with Kim Wurmli. I then teamed up with Clare Nehammer in the early 1990’s to attempt to break the earlier record on the Uk tv show ‘Record Breakers’ (hosted by the late Roy Castle). We set a new record with a new time of 2mins 44.9 secs.

    Best regards,

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