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Molo Street Parade

There’s only one place in the world that could mix the idea of an all-night street parade, dance music and dj sets from world famous stars, with sardines. Rimini’s Molo Street Parade does just that – mixing dance culture with top-notch traditional Romagnolo food, along Rimini’s beautiful and suggestive port canal. Instead of stages, you have fishing boats lined up along the port canal, hosting djs from around the world.

Now in its third year, the Molo Street Parade is a huge event, attracting more than 200, ooo people to dance through then night. Last year there were 80 djs (including Boy George, Taboo, Marc Vedo, Frankie hi-nrg, and Saturnino). There were 12 fishing boats involved, and food, drink, and dance along a 1km promenade along the port canal, and 1km along the seafront. From sunset to sunrise, this is a festival that is quickly making its name, bringing Rimini back to the forefront of the dance scene.

Because it’s a festival that takes place from sunset through to sunrise, there’s plenty going on – and not just for hardcore dance fans. There are plenty of stalls and stands lining the port canal, and for an early evening apperitivo or stroll it’s a brilliant way to take in the atmosphere.

The Molo Street Parade is also one of the first big events of the Summer, so in a sense it acts like the opening festival – with La Notte Rosa hot on its heels. If you’re after parties and a good time these are two unmissable events!

Official site: Molo Street Parade

Molo Street Parade 2014

The fourth annual Molo Street Parade will take place on Saturday 27th of June (a week before the Notte Rosa festival).Check back here for details - or join our facebook / twitter pages for regular updates.

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