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Rimini screens world broadcast of ‘The Age of Stupid’

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Rimini is just one of the many cities worldwide that will be linking up with New York this evening to show a special Global Premier screening of the new film The Age of Stupid, directed by Franny Armstrong – whose documentaries include McLibel (credited with helping effect a sea-change of opinion about the American fast-food […]

Rimini gets the blue flag – again

Friday, May 15th, 2009

For the eigth year running Rimini has been awarded the blue flag. The blue flag is a mark awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education, to recognise various elements including cleanliness of beaches, quality of bathing water etc. The award was initially a French initiative, born in 1985, to single out beaches and bathing spots […]

Update on the Abruzzo Quake

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The death toll in the Abruzzo earthquake has sadly risen to 207, with rescue work continuing. Further tremors were felt throughout the day in the Abruzzo region, with a new strong quake(5.2 richter scale) occuring at roughly 8.00pm (GMT +1) this evening. Some smaller quakes were felt in both the Umbria and Marche regions. If […]

Rimini adheres to earth hour

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

The comune of Rimini has added its support to the earth hour initiative, which will take place this evening worldwide (8.30 pm GMT). The initiative calls for public institutions and private citizens to turn off their lights for an hour, to symbolically show concern about global warming, and to support energy-saving initiatives. While inRome the […]