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Rimini adheres to earth hour

The comune of Rimini has added its support to the earth hour initiative, which will take place this evening worldwide (8.30 pm GMT). The initiative calls for public institutions and private citizens to turn off their lights for an hour, to symbolically show concern about global warming, and to support energy-saving initiatives.

While inRome the lights on the Colloseum will be switched off, Rimini town council has decided on a similar move and will be turning out the lights on the town’s main monuments including l’Arco D’Augusto , il Ponte di Tiberio,  Il Duomo, and the town’s main squares and principle streets.

Throughout Italy towns and cities are following suit, and some of the most famous monuments in the country including St. Peter’s, The Rialto bridge, the leaning tower of Pisa, the Arena in Verona, and the valley of the temples in Agrigento, will have their lights switched off tonight.

Various personalities have come forward as well to lend their names to the campaign including footballer Francesco Totti, Nobel prize winner Rita Levi Montalcini, and fashion designer  Giorgio Armani.

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