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San Marino to become the first wi-fi state in the world

Innovation married to tradition is the key combination thanks to which neighbours Emilia-Romagna and San Marino have always excelled. Now the world’s oldest surviving republic is set to be the world’s first state entirely covered by wi-fi.

The development, announced at the San Marino Forum, will see this small mountainous republic – which can be visited easily from Rimini (the towers of San Marino can be seen looming over Rimini’s hinterland) – entirely covered by wi-fi internet coverage within 6 months.

Admittedly they have an advantage over most countries, given that San Marino has a surface area of just 61km2 and a population of about 32,000 – but that’s to take nothing away from the achievement which is far-sighted and designed to improve the republic’s already impressive infrastructure.

We’ll be preparing a couple of posts on wi-fi coverage in Rimini shortly.

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One Response to “San Marino to become the first wi-fi state in the world”

  1. Rino says:

    Way to go, San Marino! Now we can’t wait to see the entire city of Rimini covered with Wi-fi. If that happens, Rimini will become a very attractive hub for vacationers and the whole city may even advertise free or discounted internet connection during Summer months!

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