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New restored print of Fellini’s Amarcord

filmamarcordSome good news: there’s a new re-mastered print of Federico Fellini’s masterpiece Amarcord, winner of the 1974 Oscar for best foreign film, as well as a Golden Globe and various other prizes. 

The film is perhaps the most personal of all Fellini’s works, and centre’s very much on his youth growing up in Rimini during the fascist period. It’s a glimpse into a lost world of provincialism, tradition, ignorance and bliss. The title comes from  a m’arcòrd, the romagnolo dialect for I remember, but also plays on the Italian Amaro (bitter) and Ricordare (to remember).

The new Janus films restored print, supervised by the original cinematographer Giuseppe Rotunno

Amongst the review comments:
“A ravishing memory film in which reminiscence, rumor, legend, local history and male sexual fantasies flow into one another with the ease and grace for which Fellini was justly famous.” – Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

“Among the most successful of Italian maestro Federico Fellini’s masterpieces … the scenes are carnivals for the eyes, a showcase of not only Fellini’s nostalgic remembrances, but a metaphor for life’s eventful, joyful and fleeting journey.” – Dan Bennett, The North County Times

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