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An Eataly for Rimini?

Oscar Farinetti, the President and founder of the massively succesful slow-food sponsored Eataly food stores, has suggested that he’ll be opening an Eataly in Rimini in the near future.

Talking to journalists during a recent stay, where he sampled the delights on offer at the very succesful Al Mení festival, Farinetti declared “For some time I’ve dreamt of opening an Eataly at the seaside, and where better than Rimini?”. Eataly has food stores throughout Italy and the World (New York, Chicago and Tokyo, with stores projected for London, Rio, Moscow and Paris).

Farinetti explained some of the attractions, gastronomically, of the Rimini region: “This is one of the few places where, wherever you go to eat, from a starred restaurant through to a trattoria, you feel at home. There’s a homely atmosphere, that makes everything taste better. And don’t forget, that this is the area where Sangiovese was born – one of the best Italian red wines, and there’s a great olive oil, great cheeses, the Piadina …”

Questo è uno dei pochi posti dove, ovunque vai a mangiare, dal ristorante stellato alla trattoria, ti senti casa. C’è un’aria domestica, familiare, che rende tutto più buono. E poi non dimentichiamoci che questa è la terra dov’è nato il Sangiovese, tra i migliori vini rossi italiani, e ci sono un ottimo olio, grandi formaggi, la piadina..

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