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Il Ponte di Tiberio – The Tiberius Bridge

il Ponte di Tiberio, was started during the reign of Augustus, as part of his extensive series of public works for Rimini, but takes its name from Tiberius, the Emporor under whose reign the bridge was finished. Built in seven years, between 14 and 21.AD.

The Bridge is a remarkable construction, proven by the fact that it remains largely as it was when built by the Romans – despite the ebbs and flows of nature, the numerous wars it has seen, and modern day traffic (the bridge remains in use).

Rimini Ponte Tiberio - Tiberius Bridge

Built with Istrian marble, the supporting columns are inclined and have breakwater rams designed to divert the force of the river’s current. When there was a river, that is, as the modern day bridge sits astride a canal. The river Marecchia originally passed under the bridge, but in the twentieth century was diverted from its original course to minimise flooding damage.

If engineering prowess doesn’t rock your boat, the bridge is still well worth visiting just to see and admire. The sturdy white stone, with original inscriptions (to Augustus, and Tiberius), easily give the visitor the idea of travelling back in time.

The bridge connects Rimini’s centro storico with the borgo San Giuliano. During the summer months, often, there are concerts and events staged in the canal with the ponte di Tiberio as an impressive backdrop.