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Photos of Rimini

  • Anna Magnani on a street sign in Rimini
  • Piazza Cavour lit for the Notte Rosa festival
  • Sunset on San Giuliano Mare's Beachfront, Rimini
  • Rimini's Tiberius Bridge transformed for the p.assagi di vino festival
  • Rimini's Nuovo Darsena
  • Fiabilandia Rimini - Merlin's castle
  • Rimini at the dawn
  • Under the Augustus Arch - Rimini
  • Celebrating the Festa de'Borg 2014, on the Ponte di Tiberio
  • Rimini Marina in the morning
  • WaterSlides in BellaRiva
  • The view from Onferno across to San Marino


News, Stories and Features from Rimini

Reflection of the Ruota

Walking barefoot on Rimini’s sandy beach in the early hours of the morning, for a different viewpoint.

Fishing on the pier at sunset

Fishing on Rimini's Pier at Sunset

Rimini’s Pier, and a solitary fisherman as the sun sets. Strolling down from Largo Boscovich towards Rock Island at the end of the Molo di Levante Capitano Giulietti at different times of the day you’ll see some amazing scenes.

The Notte Rosa 2015

Rimini Notte Rosa 2015

The Notte Rosa, Italy’s biggest all-night long festival returns to light up the Adriatic Riviera. The 2015 Notte Rosa will be held on Friday July 3rd, with events planned all the way along the coast from Ravenna in Emilia through to the coast of the Marche region. Obviously the centre of the party is focussed […]

The Piadina Romagnola gets European Recognition

The Piadina Romagnola / Piada Romagnola gets PGI protection from EU

It’s official – the Piadina Romagnola / Piada Romagnola has been awarded the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP in Italian) mark by the European Union. The Piada now gets an official European description: The name ‘Piadina Romagnola’/‘Piada Romagnola’ refers to the bakery product obtained from the preparation, and subsequent cooking on a flat pan, of a […]

How do you say Halloween in Italian?

How do you say Halloween in Italian? Halloween – that was easy, wasn’t it! That’s because Halloween, by and large, isn’t recognised as a festival in Italy. Sure, in lots of cities and towns now there are parties and events, but talk to any Italians and you’ll find that this is just another Anglo-American importation […]

Wild Autumn Seascape

Rimini's seascape in the autumn

Though the sun is out, and the temperatures are still in the mid 20s, there’s an unmistakable wildness creeping into the seascape as you look out from Rimini’s beach. The Beach takes on a magical atmosphere during the Autumn and Winter, when the tourists retreat and nature takes over.

Roman Rimini – a walking tour

Rimini was founded by the Romans, and there’s still a huge amount of Roman history to explore around the centro storico. Obviously, as you’ll see on this walking tour, you can’t isolate Roman Rimini completely from the medieval and modern city – the monuments and ruins are a part of the living-breathing city; so while […]

Free Rimini Desktop Calendars – October 2014

Free desktop calendars for October 2014

We love the change of seasons in Rimini, and to celebrate that we’ve prepared some free desktop calendars, in various resolutions, for you to download!

Rimini Foto d’Autunno (Autumn Photos)

foto d'autunno rimini - a photographic festival

Rimini Foto d’Autunno, is an annual photographic exhibition – or rather exhibitions, showcasing contemporary photography. It’s quickly established a name for itself as an important cultural event nationally, with exhibitions featuring both local and international talents. The events are spread out in different venues around the city, including the City Museum, The Galleria dell’Imagine, and […]


Piazza Maggiore Mondaino - the Frying Pan Piazza

Mondaino, originally known as Vicus Dianensis sits on a hilltop that perfectly commands the route between Rimini and Urbino. As such it was of strategic value to both the Malatesta and Montefeltro families who fought consistently throughout the 1400s, while today it makes it a perfect stopping off point on a tour of the countryside […]

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