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Photos of Rimini

  • Statue of Paolo V - Rimini Piazza Cavour
  • Mollusc Fishing in Rimini, by the pier towards Rock Island
  • A citroen squalo, spotted on the streets of Santarcangelo di Romagna
  • Rimini on the beach - july 2014
  • One of the many murals you'll see in Borgo San Giuliano - this one depicting the pier to Rock Island
  • Celebrating the Festa de'Borg 2014, on the Ponte di Tiberio
  • Rimini Door Handles
  • Rimini Sunrise on the Beach
  • The Gelato World Tour - Grand Hotel, Rimini
  • Rimini Harbour - boats entering the porto canale
  • The Kitsch Parade arrives on the Ponte di Tiberio, Festa de'Borg 2014
  • The Rimini Lighthouse

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News, Stories and Features from Rimini

Rimini Foto d’Autunno (Autumn Photos)

foto d'autunno rimini - a photographic festival

Rimini Foto d’Autunno, is an annual photographic exhibition – or rather exhibitions, showcasing contemporary photography. It’s quickly established a name for itself as an important cultural event nationally, with exhibitions featuring both local and international talents. The events are spread out in different venues around the city, including the City Museum, The Galleria dell’Imagine, and […]


Piazza Maggiore Mondaino - the Frying Pan Piazza

Mondaino, originally known as Vicus Dianensis sits on a hilltop that perfectly commands the route between Rimini and Urbino. As such it was of strategic value to both the Malatesta and Montefeltro families who fought consistently throughout the 1400s, while today it makes it a perfect stopping off point on a tour of the countryside […]

15 great photos from the 2014 Festa de’ Borg

Ponte di Tiberio, wrapped up for the Festa de'Borg 2014

We had an amazing weekend at the 2014 Festa de’ Borg in Rimini’s Borgo San Giuliano – one of the best loved local festivals, held every two years. This year’s festival was, like all the others, full of imagination, creativity, and enthusiasm – turning an already beautiful and picturesque area of the city into something […]

The Ice Cream Olympics!

Gelato World Tour - Rimini September 2014

The Gelato World Tour – described as the Ice Cream Olympics, returns for its grand finale to Rimini this weekend! The competition, promoted by Carpigiani and SIGEP, set off around the world with heats in Australia, Dubai, Italy, the US, Spain and Germany to pick 24 finalists to discover the best artisan ice-cream maker for […]

The Festa De Borg – Borgo San Giuliano

Amarborg - Festa Del Borgo San Giuliano

The Festa De Borg in Borgo San Giulano is held every two years, and has become one of the major success stories of Rimini’s packed events calendar. The Festa dates back to 1979, when the nascent Societá de Borg organised the festival as part of its initiatives to counteract the gradual decline of the neighbourhood […]

Arnaldo Pomodoro’s La Grande Prua monument to Fellini

Rimini monument by Arnaldo Pomodoro

Arnaldo Pomodoro. the world famous sculptor, whose works are displayed in cities across the world, was an obvious choice when RImini decided to formally recognise its famous son Federico Fellini with a monument by his tomb in the city cemetery. Pomodoro, after all, is a romagnolo, having been born in the nearby town of Morciano […]

The Balena and the Barafonda

The Balena of the Barafonda in Rimini - A mural as part of the lungofiume dei artisti initiative

There’s a wonderful walk, turning right on the river Marecchia banks just before the new bridge on Via Enrico Colletti (heading out of the city through San Giuliano Mare). Aside from the natural beauty of the Marecchia River banks, with long reeds and sea-birds giving it a wild edge, there’s also an open air art […]

The Quattro Cavalli Fountain

Rimini's Quattro Cavali Fountain

La Fontana dei Quattro Cavalli – the four horses fountain, in Rimini’s Parco Federico Fellini, is a curious monument with a history that is far more interesting than that of your average fountain! Inaugurated on the 29th of June 1928, during the Fascist period, the statue was made by local artisan Fillogenio Fabbri – probably […]

Santarcangelo di Romagna

Santarcangelo di Romagna - tourist information

Santarcangelo di Romagna, just 15 minutes away from Rimini’s centro storico, is a breathtakingly beautiful small town, full of history, charm, culture and wonderful restaurants and bars. At the gateway to the Val Marecchia, its proximity to Rimini is an advantage, but also sadly sometimes means it gets overlooked by tourists to Rimini who plan […]

Shooting Stars and the Tears of San Lorenzo

The tears of Saint Lawrence - the Perseids

La Notte di San Lorenzo [the night of Saint Lawrence], the 10th of August each year, is traditionally the night, in Italy, that you gaze up into the summer night sky in the hope of viewing shooting stars. It’s a great moment to wander away from the beach and the beachfront lights, to head inland […]

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