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Waiting for the Notte Rose – Baustelle

There are always plenty of official/unofficial events in the lead up to the Notte Rosa, making it a great idea to get to Rimini ahead of the Summer’s biggest weekend festival.

Amongst the events this year is a brilliant chance to see one of Italy’s premier indie-rock bands, Baustelle, performing an open-air gig in the suggestive surroundings of the Corte degli Agostiniani (the courtyard of the Agostinian church in via Cairoli 42).

Baustelle waiting for the notte rosa

Baustelle, the Tuscan band whose name is taken from the German name for a construction site, have released 6 acclaimed albums, putting them at the forefront of Italian rock. Heavily influenced by literature and cinema, the band’s sound is a complex one with one eye on the past in the form of songwriters from the ’70s like Bacharach, Spector, Gainsbourg, mixed with futuristic electronic elements.

Baustelle play on Thursday 3rd of July, as part of the annual Percuotere la Mente festival at 9.30. Tickets cost €16.80 and are available from

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