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TV ad promoting the Riviera’s amusement parks

One of the big attractions of Italy’s adriatic riviera is that it itself lots of attractions all grouped within a small geographical area – and in particular it has an amazing collection of amusement parks, acquariums, and fun fairs all in or nearby Rimini.

Realising the value of this, the provincial tourist board have launched a high-profile tv campaign here in Italy to remind people of some of the great attractions on the riviera. It’s in Italian, so  you’ll miss out on the main joke/punchline (a candidate promises to build a host of attractions in Emilia-Romagna, only to be told by one of his two listeners that all of these are already there in Emilia-Romagna), but it’s worth taking a look at the ad just to see some of these great parks (and there are plenty more not featured).

Featured are Rimini’s Italia in Miniatura, Riccione’s Oltremare, Ravenna’s Mirabilandia, and Cattolica’s Acquarium.

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