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The Leahcim Noskcaj Syndrome

Leafing through the light-hearted ‘alieni a Rimini‘, a visitor’s guide to Rimini which explains some of the more mysterious traditions and customs of the Romagnolo resort town, I came across the curious but readily identifiable Leahcim Noskcaj syndrome.

It’s a syndrome which afflicts up to an estimated 70% of the Rimini population, and is characterised by a pathological need to be suntanned. Author Lia Celi puts her finger on how to identify sufferers when she says that often they will greet you, in August, with the phrase ‘How white you are!’, issued with a tone of voice that suggests you perhaps need to get to a doctor.

If you read Italian and are planning a trip to Rimini, Alieni a Rimini comes highly recommended.


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