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The Gambalunga Library gets a video guide

There’s an interesting project,over at run by an Irishman, Michael Phillips, that aims to produce high-quality video-guides for geo-tagged sites of cultural interest.

The project has over 600 videos, spread out through Italy, Cuba, Cyprus, Ireland, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom (it’s aim is to become a global leader), and now Philips has added a number of videos for Rimini.

To give you an idea, here’s the iGuidez video for Rimini’s Gambalunga Library. It may not equal being there in the flesh, it does manage to capture the beauty, and elegance of the unique Gambalunga collection, which is now Rimini’s civic library (and a stone’s throw away from the medieval square of Piazza Cavour, or the spectactular Roman remains of the Domus del Chirugo.

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