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Taking advantage of Sunday’s free admission to visit the Domus

Sunday’s during the summer find the city centre of Rimini largely deserted, as tourists and locals alike flock to the beach. There are, though,

plenty of good reasons to head in to town, not least of which is the free admission to both the City Museum and Rimini’s newest/oldest attraction

– the Domus in Piazza Ferrari

Stroling through Piazza Ferrari on Sunday afternoon, I took the opportunity to walk inside the hugely impressive visitor’s centre for the Domus –

a structure opened this year (after years of work) which allows visitors to get up close (and over) the brilliantly preserved mosaics of the

Domus, or Surgeon’s House as it’s known locally (due to the medical instruments found during excavation).

The best in modern architecture allows visitors to walk over the ruins of this ancient Roman house, while surveying the modern piazza around it.

Well worth the visit – free or otherwise!

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