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Steve Jobs to appear at Rimini’s Pio Manzu convention in October?

Italian bloggers dealing with tech news are today speculating that Steve Jobs, the man who founded Apple (and is credited with reviving the company’s ailing fortunes almost single-handedly), will make an appearance in October at the XXV’th edition of the world-renowned Pio Manzu conference.

An article appeared in local press in Romagna detailing plans for October’s convention, centred around a provisional theme  of  ‘values, illusions, and hopes of a restless youth’ . The article listed various celebrities and public figures who are set to appear at the convention, and included the following line:

“There’ll be no shortage, as usual, of philosophers, businessmen (including Steve Jobs, founder of Apple) or the historic presence of the Arab world, this year represented by the King of Morocco Mohammed VI”

It looks, though, as if this is slightly jumping the gun. Organisers for the event clarified that Jobs has been invited, and that they’re confident of his attendance, health issues permitting. Jobs, it should be remembered, is currently taking a break from active duty at Apple citing some complex health issues. In 2004 he was diagnosed with a form of pancreatic cancer, which  seemingly was treated succesfully. Speculation on his health has been rife, fuelled by the mistaken publication of an obituary by Bloomberg back in August of 2008.

The Pio Manzu convention is a major event, enjoying UN general consultative status, which each year attracts a fascinating mixture of academics, public policy makers, celebrities, royalty, and the odd nobel peace prize winner here and there.

We’ll keep you posted on the Jobs rumours, and the full programme for the convention as it becomes available.

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