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Rimini’s new look, by Alessandro Bergonzoni is unveiled

Alessandro Bergonzoni's Rimini Design

Alessandro Bergonzoni's Rimini Design

It’s where art, tradition, and solid business sense meet – the Rimini manifesto, or advertisement. Each year a different artist is selected to design a poster that goes up in various parts of Italy (and now, of course, also online) to advertise Rimini’s summer season.


Past artists have included Rene Gruau (whose work features in a special exhibition in the Museo della Cittá, that finishes up on the 13th – so get along sharply if you haven’t already seen it), Milo Manara (the world-famous erotic cartoonist), rock star Jovanotti, and many others.

From the official launch material:
After the seductive painting of Milo Manara and the dreamlike work of Luca Giovagnoli, after the pop design of Lorenzo Cherubini (in art Jovanotti) and the signature film-picture style of Gianluigi Toccafonod, after the photography of Marco Morosini and the conceptual use of acrylics by Pablo Echaurren, this year opens a new and less explored chapter of the Rimini summer posters: the shape and sound of the word to capture a city, a history, and an artistic tradition.

The writing ‘RIMINI’ that hangs over the head line ‘ONDE PER CUI’ (waves for who) (endowed simultaneously with a mysterious, evocative, ironic, contemporary and harmonious force) is the text that ‘dresses’ the graphic design, giving an unusual interpretation to the traditional image of the city: entrusted from year to year to artists given the task of representing the city artistically.

Alessandro Bergonzoni, the surreal explorer of language, who for a number of years has added to his work as an author that of painter, and author of figurative art in general, is the latest in a list of illustrious artists that have kept alive this tradition which started in the 1920s.

The publicity campaign, which starts to coincide with Easter and the opening of the holiday season will include posters, postcards, and general publicity material including the program of events which gathers together in one place details of the more than 700 events planned for the summer of 2009.

Rimini Posters, Rene Gruau, Milo Manara, and Jovanotti

Rimini Posters, Rene Gruau, Milo Manara, and Jovanotti

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