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Rimini undamaged by Italian Earthquake

A heavy earthquake has hit in Southern Central Italy, killing up to 90 people as buildings collapsed in the L’Aquila, the regional capital of Abruzzo.

We’ve been swamped by mails here at by people worried about the safety of their loved ones travelling in and around Rimini, and we’re happy to report that though a small earthquake was felt last night in various areas of Emilia Romagna, it was minor compared to the quake that hit Abruzzo (experts suggest that the tremors in Emilia-Romagna were after-shocks from the main quake). No structural or physical damage was done, and in fact the protezione civile teams from Rimini are on standby to head to Abruzzo to help in the rescue work there.

Earthquakes are felt, from time to time, throughout Italy, but Emilia-Romagna is considered a relatively safe zone. The last major earthquake recorded in Rimini was in 1916, which did considerable damage destroying much of the city and killing four people. This, though, was mainly due to buildings not having taken into consideration earthquake activity. Modern buildings in Emilia-Romagna follow strict building codes that include measures to prevent damage/collapse during earthquakes.


We will, of course, keep you updated on any major seismic activity in and around Rimini, both here on the blog and on our twitter and facebook accounts.

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