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Rimini preferred seaside resort for most Italians

The travel site Trivago routinely publishes stats from its user base, to give an idea of trends and popularity of resorts. In its latest set of data it confirms that Rimini is the number one seaside resort chosen, for july and august, by visitors from 10 out of 17 regions in Italy.

Italians from Abruzzo, Marche, Lazio, Liguria, Tuscany, and Piedmont ranked Rimini as their #1 seaside resort – no mean feat, given that all these regions, with the exception of Piedmont, have their own coastlines and famous resorts.

Reacting to the data, Rimini’s mayor, Andrea Gnassi, said:
“Charts like these have to be taken with caution […] but what emerges yet again is the capacity of Rimini to adapt quickly and shape itself to the conditions of the market”


While Italy’s economic woes continue, this is a particularly encouraging result, showing that Rimini’s investment in top quality events and infrastructure, coupled with tradition, culture and good value remains a winning combination for most Italians.

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