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Rimini Guidebook – a guide to its hidden treasures

A new guidebook to Rimini – Rimini, a guide to its hidden treasures by Tommaso Panozzo ( translated by editor Andrew Lawless) has just been published.

The guidebook, published by local Rimini publisher Panozzo Editore (the original Italian title is (Rimini, le sue anime, i suoi tesori) takes a decidedly different approach from standard guidebooks, eschewing the logistical data that you can easily find on sites like (where to stay, eat, opening times etc), in favour of suggesting a number of themed itineraries focussing largely on the old town of Rimini.

It’s a valuable companion to any trip to Rimini, helping you discover Roman, Medieval, and Malatesta Rimini, along with the Belle Epoque, the abandoned Fascist-era Colonie and the magical world of Fellini.

Panozzo Editore are well known throughout the region for their collection of books focussing on local history, art and culture.

Rimini – A guide to its hidden treasures is available in local bookshops here in Rimini, and also online from

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