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Pagadebit di Romagna Wine

Pagadebit di Romagna is a D.O.C. wine (Denominazione di Origine Controllata), meaning that it can only be produced officially in certain areas. In the case of the Pagadebit di Romagna, these areas are Forli, Ravenna, and Rimini. The predominant grape (at least 85%, by ministerial decree) used to produce the wine is the Bombino Bianco, or little white bomb.

Pagadebit di Romagna - from the Bombino Bianco grape

The bombino bianco grape probably originated in the Iberian peninsula, and is found in southern and central Italy. The name Pagadebit, which means debt-payer, derives from the fact that the bombino bianco is a hardy, resistant grape which traditionally allowed for small cultivators to guarantee, even in years when growing conditions were unfavourable, enough quality wine to pay off their annual debts.

Pagadebit seemed, at the start of the Seventies, to be nearing extinction, until a number of wine growers in Romagna focussed their attention on preserving and innovating the wine – with considerable success.

There are four recognised variants of the wine:

  • Pagadebit di Romagna amabile
  • Pagadebit di Romagna secco
  • Pagadebit di Romagna Bertinoro amabile
  • Pagadebit di Romagna Bertinoro secco

The wine has a light yellow colour with green or  golden shades. Generally dry , with a fruity and floral bouquet, it’s a fresh and pleasant accompaniement for antipasti msiti with cured meats and cheeses. It also goes well with seafood.

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