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Rimini Fiera figures up by 12%

Encouraging news from Rimini Fiera, which has just announced figures showing a growth in profits of roughly 13% in the last two years. The massive state of the art trade exhibition centre hosts a variety of famous international trade fairs including Rimini Fitness, Pianeta Birra and  others. Every year the fiera hosts up to 40 major exhibitions, attracting more than a million and a half visitors.

The interesting thing, though, about Rimini fiera is the way that many of the trade fairs integrate with the cultural life of the city. The annual Meeting festival is a good example, where in tandem with the conference events at the fiera there are various concerts and public displays.

Our tip, then, is to always keep an eye on the events section both here on or on the Fiera’s official website, as there may well be something of interest to even a casual visitor to the city.


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