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Rimini beach strike – Saturday 8th of August

If things continue as they are, the beaches of Rimini will remain closed due to a lifeguard strike this Saturday, the 8th of August.

Regional official for Tourism, Guido Pasi told the press yesterday that the situation was very worrying, as talks between Rimini Lifeguards and Beach Operators had broken down, making this Saturday’s threatened strike more likely.

Talks in other comune’s along the Riviera coast have succesfully resolved the local dispute, but in Rimini there is no agreement.

Lifeguards are pressing for a pay rise and new contract (estimated as roughly €30 per month), while Beach Operators argue that the economic crisis which has hit the tourism sector makes it impossible to fulfil their demands.

If the strike goes ahead on September 8th, it will probably mean that the beaches in Rimini will remain closed for the day. Regulations require that the beach operators may open only when they have satisfied the safety requirements (i.e provided lifeguards).

The strike is the first of two threatened. The second is arguably more serious as it is planned for the biggest holiday weekend of the year – Ferragosto (15th of August – though the strike is planned for Saturday 16th).

We’ll keep you updated on developments here on the blog.

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