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Rientro – the Exodus in reverse

With sore heads after a great Ferragosto party (here in Rimini there was loads going on all night!), many people are already on the roads for the great’rientro‘ – that unhappy moment when Italians start heading back from their coastal or mountain holidays in August back to the city and work.

For tourists it’s something to look out for, as it usually means that the autostrade and trains get packed and transport is generally subject to delay.

The big travel tip in August then is to watch out for key dates like the first Friday of the month (when lots of families head off for the holidays by car), the Sunday after Ferragosto when many start returning, and finally the last sunday of the month where the remainder of people tend to start returning. Best to avoid travelling on those days if you can.

If you have to travel, try to go against the flow – i.e travel towards the seaside on Sunday, or towards the cities like Bologna on a Friday.

If you can’t avoid travelling with the masses at peak times it’s worth taking the following advice:

1) Expect delays

2) Make sure to bring plenty of water with you, in case you get stuck on a train or on the motorway

3) Set out early!

The best advice, though, is obviously to head to the beach and escape the rat race, then travel at your own pace on monday or tuesday.


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