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Useful Numbers for Rimini/Emilia-Romagna

We’ve grouped together a list of useful numbers for your visit to Rimini. Let us know (by clicking here) if there are services/numbers not listed here that would be of use to the general visitor, and we’ll do our best to get them listed as soon as possible.

Emergency Services

    There is currently a campaign across Europe to implement a single number recognised in every European country for emergency services – a number which will have an operator who can speak both the native language of the country in which the number is called, and English. This number, 112, has yet to be implemented. If you’re a European citizen, and you’d like to help push this initiative, visit European Emergency Number Association and sign the petition.

    The situation in Italy, like most European countries, is that there are different numbers for the various emergency services depending upon which service you require.

  • In practice, though, many people in cases of genuine emergency use the number 112, which currently gets you through to the Carabiniere [Military Police] operator, who will channel you to the help you need. If you know the correct number to ring, this is always advisable, but if you can only remember one number for your trip – make it 112
  • Police Service – 113
  • Ambulance Service 118
  • Fire Service 115
  • Coast Guard Emergency Service 1530
  • Medical Emergencies (Rimini) 0541/705523
  • Pediatric Emergencies (Rimini) 0541/705285

Tourist Info

  • Tourist Office City Centre – Piazzale Cesare Battisti (Beside Train Station) 0541/51331
  • Tourist Office Seafront – Piazza Fellini 0541/56902
  • Tourist Office Airport 0541/378731


  • Public TransportAM – Rimini Local Public Transport –
  • Airport Federico Fellini International Airport – infoline 0541 715711
  • Trains TrenItalia infoline – 89 20 21
  • Taxis0541 / 50020

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