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Rimini for Disabled Visitors

There are a number of positive intiatives, both on a state and local level, to improve infrastructure and facilities for disabled persons to Rimini. There is a lot of disparate information out there – we’ve tried to collect the most useful and list it here for you. We’re also very interested to hear from disabled visitors who have been to Rimini – maybe your experience can help others, and help us improve the information here.

Accesibility services in Rimini Train Station

Rimini’s main train station is the usual first point of entry for visitors to the town. The station platforms have lifts for wheelchair access.

In addition, Trenitalia have a special service to help travellers with reduced mobility (assistenza per le Persone a Ridotta MobilitĂ ), for applicable stations (Rimini is part of the network), which includes accompaniment through the requested station, use of lifts etc, help with baggage (limited to one bag); The service is available for the following:

  • Wheelchair users
  • Persons with walking difficulties
  • Persons with visual impairments
  • Persons with hearing impairments
  • Elderly people
  • Pregnant Women

The services are run in special offices (‘Offici Blu‘) only found in main stations – for Rimini the nearest office is in Bologna’s main station. You can, though, book services via a freephone number 800 90 60 60 or via email: [email protected]
Sala Blu in Bologna Centrale, Piazza Medaglie D’Oro, s.n.c. – zona ovest inside the station (zone west)
Opening hours: 6.45 – 21.30

Rimini Public Transport – Accessibility

Rimini’s public transport company, AM (formerly known as TRAM), have made a public committment to improving accessibility for disabled passengers. Buses bought in recent years, and future investments, have been chosen with accessbility in mind, having lowerable floors (35cm from street level) and include equipment for the safe access and transport of wheelchair passengers. According to the company, since August 2005, the fleet has a total of 82 buses thus equipped – with over 40 of these used on the urban lines (the company also runs suburban and inter-urban lines).

Specially adapted buses are only half the story, though. The company is actively working with the local administration to adapt bus stops to ensure easy accessibility – but we, at have no reliable information regarding the amount, or positioning of specially adapted stops. We hope to be able to post this information soon.

Passengers who are not auto-sufficient, who have the relevant documentation, are entitled to bring a companion traveller free of charge on all routes. Blind passengers are entitled to bring guide dogs on board, free of charge, providing they are on a leash and muzzled.

Wheelchair access to the beach

One of the intiatives taken by the Rimini Comune has been to offer the use of specially adapted wheelchairs that allow for easier access to the beach and seafront. These are available, subject to booking, for visitors. The wheelchairs have wheels designed specifically for sand and pebbles. The wheelchairs can also enter the water.Click here to see some examples.

At the moment there are two of these chairs available through the programme. These can be booked by contacting the main tourist office:
Sportello Generale per il Turismo
Ref. 1) Magnani Donatella – tel 0541/704587
Ref. 2) Pari Filippo – tel 0541/704554
FAX 0541/54290
e-mail: [email protected]

Rimini Hotels certified for wheelchair access

The Italian state provides funding for public structures, such as hotels, to make structural adjustments to provide wheelchair access. There are a wide range of Hotels in Rimini, certified through the local comune, as wheelchair accessible. The following hotels are listed by the local comune:

  • Grand Hotel,
    via Ramusio 1 – 47900 Rimini (5 star)
  • Albergo del Parco,
    Parco Fellini 10 – 47900 Rimini
    (4 star)

  • Ascot,
    via Principe di Piemonte 38 – 47900 Miramare di Rimini
    (4 star)

  • Days Inn South Beach Hotel,
    viale Regina Elena 171 – 47900 Rimini
    (4 star)

  • Imperial Beach,
    viale Toscanelli 19 – 47900 Rivabella di Rimini (4 star)
  • Le Meridien Rimini,
    Lungomare Murri 13- 47900 Rimini (4 Star)
  • President,
    viale Tripoli 276 – 47900 Rimini (4 Star)
  • Remin Plaza Hotel,
    viale Regina Elena 80 – 47900 Rimini (4 Star)
  • Trieste,
    viale Trieste 4 – 47900 Rimini (4 Star)
  • Apogeo,
    via Oriani 11 – 47900 Rimini (3 Star)
  • Bella Romagna,
    via Brescia 1 – 47900 Miramare di Rimini (3 Star)

  • Bellerofonte,
    via Lipparini 14 – 47900 Rimini
    (3 Star)
  • Betty,
    via G. dalle Bande Nere 14 – 47900 San Giuliano di Rimini (3 Star)

  • California,
    via Canuti 7 – 47900 Viserbella di Rimini (3 Star)
  • Carolin,
    via Locatelli 22 – 47900 Miramare di Rimini (3 Star)
  • Caruso,
    via Siracusa 9 – 47900 Marebello di Rimini (3 Star)
  • DA.SA.MO,.
    via Busignani 10 – 47900 Viserbella di Rimini (3 Star)
  • Dipendenza DA.SA.MO.
    via Pedrizzi 5 – 47900 Viserbella di Rimini

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