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Planning for the 2010 Notte Rosa

One of the reasons that Rimini, and the Adriatic riviera in general, is so popular with holidaymakers is because so much attention is paid to detail. This is nowhere more in evidence than in the development of one of Europe’s biggest annual parties – the Notte Rosa

To give you an idea, the organisers of the Notte Rosa, which has just been held (with an estimated 2 million people attending), are already planning next year’s event!

The event which has been held four years in a row has, thus far, been a huge success. There are suggestions that the ‘Summer’s New Year’s Eve’ party brings in revenue in one night equivalent to a full month.

Plans are only just starting now for 2010, but there have been some widely publicised suggestions. One idea is to broaden the festival, holding two major events to bookmark the Rimini summer – one at the start of the summer, and another at the finish.

Another plan is, perhaps, to extend the festival to include not just the Saturday night, but also the Friday – making it better value for holidaymakers coming for the weekend (many Italian tourists pour into Rimini just for the Saturday night’s events – creating a logistical problem with traffic amongst other things).

The Notte Rosa already has various events on the Friday, under the banner ‘waiting for the Notte Rosa’ – mainly held in Rimini’s old town centre and in areas like the picturesque Borgo San Giuliano. Proposals on the table with the organisers would extend these events to include many more, and to include the seafront area.

The only thing certain at the moment is that the Notte Rosa will be held again in 2010, and it will – no doubt – be once again one of the biggest and best events of the European Summer

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