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More redevelopment plans – Belgian architect Julien De Smedt

Just as the plans for the redevelopment of the seafront from Piazzale Kennedy to Piazzale Marvelli (ex-Tripoli) outlined by London Architects

Foster & Partners, use Federico Fellini as a central theme, so too do the plans outlined by Belgian Architect Julien De Smedt for the stretch from

Piazzale Boscovich to Piazzale Kennedy.

For example, the famous roundabout at Piazzale Fellini would be replaced by a large covered arena dedicated to the Riminese director.

The ambitious project envisages this arena as a cultural ‘lung’ set alongside a series of sweeping areas formed like waves that swell down towards

the port (where a new luxury hotel is envisaged that will have rooms facing onto the sea and onto the beach).

Exciting developments ahead.

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