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Moonlight swim for the Notte Rosa

Milo Manara’s famous poster for the Rimini Summer has three distinct and sensual elements: the moon, a voluptuous woman, and the sea – an image which captures the romance and excitement of the rimini night. One of the ironies, though, is that for obvious safety reasons, night-time bathing is usually forbidden along the sandy Rimini coastline.

Milo Manara's famous Rimini poster

Milo Manara's famous Rimini poster

A welcome addition, then, to the Notte Rosa events is Bagno di Luna or bathing by moonlight. After the massive fireworks display which takes place along the Adriatic coast at midnight, in various beach areas from #21 through to #144, swimmers will be able to take to the water for a moonlight dip.

Swimming is only permitted in the specifically equipped areas, but it’s a once-in-a-year opportunity to enjoy the magical moonlit waters legally and safely.

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