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Molo Street Parade 2014 announced

The Molo Street Parade 2014 has been announced! It will take place, along Rimini’s Port Canal and Seafront, on Saturday 28th of June. The event will have the same winning formula from 2012 and 2013, mixing up to 12 floating stages (fishing boats) with a cast of top Italian and international djs, and some wonderful food and drink (amazing grilled sardines!).

Rimini's Molo Street Parade - dance music and sardines

Not all the acts have been announced yet, but the guest of honour will be Wyclef Jean – the ex-fuggees star who has had hits as a solo act and also memorably with Shakira for the collaboration hips don’t lie.

In previous years the festival has pulled hundreds of thousands of dance fans from across Europe, all flocking to the Riviera for an amazing night of free dance events, from sunset to sunrise, putting Rimini firmly back on the European dance scene.



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