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Guido Cagnacci

Guido Cagnacci Guido Cagnacci was born in Sant’Arcangelo, which is close enough for him to fit into our ‘famous Riminesi’ section. Apart from anything, he worked in Rimini from 1627-1642.

Cagnacci is best known as a painter of the Bolognese Baroque school. He received his artistic education in Rome, primarily in the circle around Guido Reni. His work is indebted also to Caravaggio, and Orazio Gentileschi.

You can see some of Cagnacci’s work in both Rimini and the surrounding townlands:

  • Procession of the Holy Sacrament (Saludecio Parish Church)
  • Virgin and Child with Three Carmelite Saints (c. 1631 – Rimini, S Giovanni Battista)
  • Calling of St Matthew (Rimini Museo Civico)
  • Christ with SS Joseph and Eloi (1635-Sant Arcangelo di Romagna, Collegiata).

Cagnacci didn’t limit himself to religious topics, and in later life, painting in Vienna, dedicated himself to more fleshy topics, including the deaths of Lucretia and Cleopatra respectively.

Cagnacci died in Vienna in 1663.

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