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Grand Masters set for Rimini this Winter

You’ll be hearing plenty more about an exciting art exhibition scheduled for Rimini’s Castel Sismondo this winter.  Linea Ombra, one of the foremost organisers of art exhibitions in Italy, who over ten years have attracted more than 5 million visitors to shows in cities like Brescia, Torino, Treviso, Belluno, Gorizia, Conegliano, have announced details of a major exhibition, European Painting from the 1500’s to the 1900’s, which will see 65 masterpieces from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts come to Rimini.

The exhibition promises to be an engaging lesson in the history of European art, with artists ranging from Tintoretto  through to Picasso. The exhibition will be divided into six significant sections:


  • The religious sentiment
  • The nobility of portraits
  • The intimicay of the portrait
  • Still life
  • Interiors
  • The new landscape

This is the first time that such a major international art exhibition, at least outside the ambit of the annual Meeting events,  has been held in Rimini, and is causing a lot of excitement as a result.  It does, though, follow a tradition established by Linea Ombra, of staging exhibitions outside of the ‘usual’ cities like Florence, Milan and Rome – a tradition that has been hugely succesful from every point of view.

It’s also in keeping with the aim of the exhibition, as stated by Malcolm Rogers, the director of the Boston Fine Arts Museum, which is ‘Art is for everybody’, working to remove the barriers that often present themselves between masterpiecs and the greater public.  

And what better way to bring art to the public than to change its context – taking it out of a museum and putting it in a building that is well worth a visit in its own right – the medieval fortress castle of Sigismondo Malatesta.

We’ll bring you more details of the exhibition as we get them. But for now, put the dates in your calendar 10th October 2009 – 14th March 2010.

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