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Go wine tasting on the beach

One of my favourite events of the summer is taking place tomorrow evening on the Rimini beach front (from #9 through to #28). It’s the P.assagi di Vino event, organised by local wine producers, where you can stroll along the beach and taste some of the very fine wines of the region.

There’s nothing like having your toes in the cool sand, holding up a rich red wine to smell and taste – with the soft sound of the sea in the background. Someday all wine-tastings will be like this!!

Romagna produces a number of D.O.C. wines. D.O.C. stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata and is a label of quality guaranteeing the provenance of specific wines. The main  wines of produced around Rimini  include Sangiovese (red) and Pagadebit (white), and Trebbiano (white), though the Region of Romagna also produces Albana (white) Albana spumante, and the red Cagnina.

The P.assagi di Vino is one of a number of initiatives by local small producers to bring their wines to the attention of tourists and residents throughout the Romagna region. If you’ve a car handy, for example, there’s a lovely small tour of vineyards and agroturismi accomodation that you can take, organised by the Strada dei Vini association of Rimini. It’s one of the most pleasant ways of discovering the hinterland – away from the bright lights of the Riviera – with all its history, culture, and traditions.

If you’re in Rimini tomorrow night, head down to the beach to get a taste of what the hinterland offers. You won’t be dissapointed.

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