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Bologna to Rimini by Helicopter

One of the disadvantages of Rimini’s popularity is that on weekends in the summer all roads in Emilia-Romagna, as it were, lead to Rimini – and so there are frequent traffic jams on the famous A14 autostrada heading from Bologna to the Riviera.

Normal journey times of an hour or so can be lengthened considerably, as motorists find themselves crawling along the sun-drenched road (two essentials for the trip – air conditioning and plenty of water).

To the rescue comes a new service by Elisarda Fly, who run operations in Sardinia. Every friday evening during the 2009 summer season they’ll be flying a helicopter between Bologna airport and Rimini’s Federico Fellini international airport. The journey time – 30mins.

The one hitch? It’ll cost you 150 euro per person (there are eight passenger seats onboard)!

If that’s a bit steep, you can always rely on more conventional methods. The train may take roughly 3 times as long, but it only costs 7euro.

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