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Beach strike for 8th and 16th of August called off

News just in that the proposed strikes by lifeguards on the 8th and 16th of August have been called off after an intervention by the governmental commission with responsibility for overseeing strike action.

A press release from the Commissione di Garanzia
dell ’attuazione della legge sullo sciopero
announced with little detail that the strike action proposed for the 8th and 16th of August has been called off.

Good news for holidaymakers, as it means the beaches will all be open with all facilities – I popped down to the beach a half an hour ago and can report that the water is clean, cool and refreshing, and surveyed with a careful eye by the conscientious lifeguards.

It remains to be seen whether the contractual negotiations which led to the strike threat have been resolved, or whether the intervention is a temporary solution.

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