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Anyone in Rimini taking part in the 4am project

Karen Strunk is a freelance photographer who lives in Mosely, Birmingham in the U.K.  With a photographers eye she was struck, returning home after a night out, by the beauty of the cityscape at in the morning. She started taking photos of the city at that time of the night, and started showing them on her blog , and invited readers to send in their own photos or suggestions of places to photo at

Slowly an idea started forming, for an interesting project that will take place this 4th of April. The idea is to encourage as many people as possible, in different parts of the world, to take a photo of where they’re at, at of course.

It’s a brilliant idea, and one that is gaining in popularity thanks to Strunk’s clever use of social media like Twitter, and we at Visit-Rimini. com are fully behind it. Aside from anything, Rimini is one of those special towns where there’s always some kind of thing going on at any time of day or night.

So, here’s an open invitation to our readers – if you’re out and about in Rimini this 4th of april in the early hours – try and take a snapshot and send it to the 4am project. Details of how you can do it are available at the project’s website

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