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An American perspective on Rimini’s Paganello

“Once everyone arrives on Holy Thursday, it’s time for the opening bash. Players and spectators alike gather at the beach for a feast of Lenten staples: pasta, fried fish and red wine. The wine, the area’s very own Sangiovese di Romagna, is served in 2-foot tall barrels each outfitted a skinny plastic tube for properly dispensing the wine to the cup — or mouth. A few cups in and everyone starts engaging in cross-cultural mingling, dancing and swimming, while enjoying fireworks or laser light shows. Every night the party theme changes until it all ends on Monday afternoon with an award presentation for the tournament’s top team.”


Katie Eigel, an American free-lance writer, has published a lengthy article in the Chicago Sun Times  on Rimini’s Paganello – the annual frisbee-fest that attracts thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world to Rimini’s beaches.

The article includes brief interviews with players, and Gian Pietro Miscione, Paganello founder and manager: “Our mission remains to offer top competition and big fun. Every year this becomes more difficult because Ultimate is getting more ‘serious.’ The challenge is to make the athleticism compatible with the incredible social energy of Paganello.”


It’s a great article, about a great event. Looking forward to this year’s event which takes place from the 9th to the 13th of April. For more details, check out the festival’s website

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