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Visit-Rimini is the leading English-language tourist information site for Rimini, attracting visitors from the UK, Ireland, U.S.A and Australia who are travelling to the Adriatic Riviera. It also attracts many other nationalities, who are more comfortable with information in English rather than Italian – for example Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Holland and France.

Why Advertise with us?

There are lots of reasons (and we can discuss them more fully if you get in touch here), but here are some of the main reasons:

  • It’s effective – Visit-Rimini ranks in the top 5 for most Rimini related searches in English
  • It’s cheap – our prices are more than reasonable
  • It’s high profile – our ads are well placed in relation to our content

How does the advertising work?

It’s simple. Tell us what type of ad you want, and for how long (discounts are available for long-term advertising); send us a the graphic of the ad, and the url where you would like the ad to point to, and we’re ready to go. All ads must be paid for in advance. You can pay via paypal, credit-card or bank transfer.


What if I don’t have a graphic for my ad, but still want to advertise?

No problem. We can create a graphic for you, based on your instructions. We also have a number of text-only slots available.

What if I don’t have a website to link to?

Again, it’s no problem. If you take a big enough ad space you can clearly indicate a telephone number / email address / fax for visitors to contact you on. Alternatively we can also offer, at a very reasonable price, a custom-made promo page in English to which your ad can link.

Will my ad on visit-rimini help my site perform better in the search engines?

No, sorry! All our ads follow standard best practices as outlined by Google and other major search engines. We attach the ‘nofollow’ tag to all our ads so that they are not considered for search ranking purposes. On the plus side, it means that neither your site or will be penalised by the search engines for violating their terms and conditions ( a very real danger if you buy or sell links).

If you’re trying to boost your rankings though, why not try our partners Bodu Web Design, who offer search engine optimisation and online-marketing consultancy.

Do you accept any ads?

No. The ads on must be Rimini related and thus be of interest to our readers. Also is a family-friendly site so advertising must take this into account.

Can our ad point to our facebook page?

Sure – your ad can point to any of your social networks, or any relevant site you wish.

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