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Annual Events in Rimini

There’s always something happening in Rimini, regardless of the season – in fact some of the best events here happen outside of the summer. Events range from the huge Notte Rosa, and world famous Pio Manzu and Rimini Meeting conferences, through to the community organised local festivals etc. They range from sporting events – like the brilliant Paganello frisbee championships, through to kiss-a-thons and other fun events. There are food events, ranging from barbecues through to wine tastings that bring alive the traditions and tastes of the whole region.
We try to bring you the biggest and best recurring events around Rimini here.

annual events in Rimini

Molo Street Parade

Rimini's Molo Street Parade - dance music and sardines

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La Notte Rosa

La Notte Rosa Rimini - the Pink Night

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