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Festival del Mondo Antico

Rimini’s Festival del Mondo Antico each year celebrates Rimini’s ancient history, mixing literature, philosophy, history, and anthropology. The festival has numerous events – ranging from the academically inclined (usually in Italian language), through to fun events like guided tours of Rimini’s ancient monuments.

Started in 2005, the festival has grown each year to become a staple of the Rimini annual calendar, with more than 11,000 visitors taking part. The festival takes a different theme each year, and has events spread throughout the city – principally in the City Museum, The Rocca Malatestiana, The Gambalunga Library and the Cineteca Comunale.


The 2014 Festival del Mondo Antico

The 2014 Festival del Mondo Antico takes place in Rimini from the 20th-22nd of june