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Obscured by Clouds – the tears of San Lorenzo

In Romagna, and Italy in general, the night of August the 10th is known as la notte di San Lorenzo, the night where, looking up into the night sky you can see the ‘tears of st. lawrence’, or ‘shooting stars’ depending upon where you are placed on the romantic/mystic axis. The weather forecast this year, […]

Popeye celebrates his birthday in Rimini

Rimini Cartoon Club - Popeye celebrates his 50th birthday

As if you needed proof that eating spinach is good for you, Popeye – the world-famous cartoon character who’s better known in Italian as braccio di ferro (literally iron arm) – celebrates his 80th birthday this year, and as part of the festivities there’ll be a special show dedicated to the character today at Rimini’s […]

Top 5 Summer Festivals in Italy

In Northern Europe we love festivals, outdoor concerts and events – but just don’t have the weather for it. Italy, on the other hand, is perfect for large and spectacular open air events. Think about it – they have the weather, the aesthetics, and even the food at your average Italian festival is something to […]

Rimini makes #2 in The Times list of coolest beach party locations

Did you ever have any doubts?? Rimini comes in at #2 in The Times of London’s list of Europe’s top 10 Beach Parties. In particular, the English newspaper mentions the fancy Turquoise Beach Club as one of the coolest places in Europe to party on the beach. Rimini comes in just behind Turkey’s Turkbuku, but […]

5 recent great Italian films you may have missed

Last year’s Cannes film festival spotlighted Italian cinema with two big films in competition, Paolo Sorrentino’s biopic of Giulio Andreotti Il Divo and the international hit adaptation of Roberto Saviano’s crime book Gomorrah . Two great films that have hadsome of the  international success they deserve. Every year, though, there are plenty of top-notch Italian films that […]

Gastronomic Tourism – some figures for Emilia-Romagna

Emilia-Romagna is, without doubt, at the forefront of Italian gastronomy and tourism, and that wonderful niche market gastronomic tourism. With cities like Bologna, Parma, Modena, and of course Rimini – each with their particular traditions and culinary specialities. Coldiretti, an official organisation promoting the interests of the agricultural sector have issued a report on Gastronomy […]

Federico Fellini’s bookshelves

Although it’s become almost de rigeur online, through networks like Facebook, to let people know what you’re reading, the practice of examining someone’s bookshelves to try to get a glimpse of their personality has always been popular. Stroll into someone’s house, and on their bookshelves you’ll get an open display of their curiosities, passions, and […]

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