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News, Stories and Features from Rimini

Rimini’s History

The Arco d'Agosto lit up in preparation for the Notte Rosa

Italy is spoiled for history, and Rimini is particularly spoiled thanks to its strategic importance as a gateway to the Po river plain and the whole of Northern Italy. From the Romans through to the Allied troops in 1944, the key to holding Italy has often been Rimini. Because of the scope of Rimini’s history, […]

When Robert Plant Rocked the Rimini Meeting

Robert Plant plays Stairway to Heaven Acoustically

Leafing through the latest edition of monthly Italian music magazine XL, I chanced upon a Rimini story that raised a smile. It dates back to 1993, when ex-Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant was touring to promote his album Fate of Nations (an under-rated album which includes the wonderful 29 Palms, plus guest appearances from Clannad’s  Máire […]

Avenging the Acropolis – Greek troops and the liberation of Rimini, 21st of September 1944

The battle for Rimini, one of the most forgotten but crucial moments of World War II – Lieutenant-General Sir Oliver William Hargreaves Leese described it as paragonable to the battle of El Alamein – started on the 25th of August 1944 and culminated with a victory for the allied troops and anti-fascist partisans, and the liberation […]

Romagna Mia – discovering a region through a song

Romagna Mia - the history of a song

How many songs can you think of that have linked traditional music – in this case the Liscio of Romagna – with artists and personalities as diverse as Gloria Gaynor, Jovanotti, Laura Pausini and Pope John Paul II? There’s only one, that I know of, and it’s the 1954 classic Romagna Mia by the Secondo […]

Top Five Reasons to Visit Rimini in Autumn

This last week has seen a gentle but definite drop in the temperatures, fewer people on the beaches, and that almost tangible soft melancholy in the air which signals the end of summer. The good news, though, is that the Autumn is actually one of the best times to visit Rimini and Emilia-Romagna in general, […]

The ancient rite of hospitality in Bertinoro

For tomorrow, at least, the small but pretty town of Bertinoro – some 52 km from Rimini, up in the hills between Forli and Cesena, becomes holder of that most coveted prize – the most hospitable town in a region, Emilia-Romagna, famed for its hospitality. What gives it the right to claim such a title? […]

When Italy went to war with the esperanto micro-nation Insulo de la Rozoj

Rimini's Isola delle Rose - a micro-nation

Perhaps it’s not surprising that few people, up until recently, have heard of the small sovereign (though unrecognised internationally) state of the Isola delle Rose (Rose Island) – or to give it its official title, in esperanto, Insulo de la Rozoj. It’s foundation and eventual destruction – at the hands of Italian military engineers – […]

The Acts of the Apostles – in Romagnolo!

For anyone who’s interested in Rimini and local traditions, and speaks/reads Italian, there’s no better place to head to online than, the site of local blogger, journalist, and publicist Maria Cristina Muccioli (alias Cristella). Her blog is full of great snippets of dialect, stories and traditions that help to remind you how unique a […]

Escaping the ‘afa’ – head to the beach

It’s another scorching hot week here in Italy, and with temperatures in and around 37° throughout Emilia-Romagna and northern Italy, one word that you’ll see constantly referred to is ‘afa’. There are lots of different etymological theories relating to the term ‘afa’. One is that it derives from the greek ‘apto’ via the late latin […]

Ferragosto – an Italian Holiday

ferragosto - an italian holiday

Ferragosto, the 15th of August, is one of Italy’s most important and most cherished holidays. It has its origins in antiquity, and has changed and evolved over the centuries, but as Gianni Di Gregorio’s wonderful film Pranzo di Ferragosto illustrated so powerfully, the Italian who finds him/herself working or away from family on this summer […]

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