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15 top photos from Rimini Comix Cosplay 2014

Rimini Cosplay Convention 2014

Last weekend Rimini was flooded by a motley crew of anime characters, superheroes, cartoon characters, and monsters – all part of the annual Cosplay convention (held during the Rimini Cartoon Club festival and Rimini Comix ). Amazing scenes on the beachfront and around the Grand Hotel, and here are some of our favourite snaps from […]

5 Great Wine Quotes

Wine is sunlight caught in water - Gallileo Galilei

To celebrate tonight’s wonderful wine festival, p.assagi di vino 2014, here in the atmospheric setting of Rimini’s Ponte Tiberio and the Borgo San Giuliano, we’ve put together a small selection of killer quotes on wine, illustrated by scenes from Rimini – a town where you can always find a fine glass of local wine!

What the hell is Parkour?

Spiderman spotted in Rimini during Parkour demonstration for la notte rosa

Wandering around Rimini’s Turquoise beach club, the weekend of the famous Notte Rosa festival this year, you might have spotted a group of lads somersaulting over packing crates on the beachfront. Amidst all this, you might have seen a super-hero float by as well! And all in the name of ‘Parkour’, but what the hell […]

5 Songs for a Summer’s Day – a short playlist

summer playlist for rimini elbow

You wake up to summer sunshine, after a couple of days of cloudy weather. Here are five songs to help celebrate!

Rimini preferred seaside resort for most Italians

The travel site Trivago routinely publishes stats from its user base, to give an idea of trends and popularity of resorts. In its latest set of data it confirms that Rimini is the number one seaside resort chosen, for july and august, by visitors from 10 out of 17 regions in Italy. Italians from Abruzzo, […]

P.assaggi di Vino Wine Tasting Festival

p.assagi di vino rimini wine tasting

P.assaggi di Vino, an annual wine tasting festival in Rimini organised by the Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori dei Colli di Rimini (The Wine and Tastes Route of the Hills of Rimini) – a consortium of local wine and food producers that showcase the excellencies of Rimini’s food and drink. The wine festival is […]

Brodetto di Pesce (Adriatic Fish Broth)

Brodetto di Pesce is one of those classic Romagnolo dishes that was born of necessity, and has been raised into a fine art and a pillar of the region’s culinary tradition. Fishermen would take the fish that they couldn’t sell, be it because of their size or because they were considered poor quality – fish […]

Notte Rosa 2014 – Program for Rimini

The Notte Rosa 2014 English Language Program for events in Rimini – in timeline format.

Freebie Rimini Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

Looking forward to your holiday in Rimini, or feeling nostalgic for one that’s already passed by? Visit Rimini have put together five free desktop Wallpaper Calendars for you to download, to keep Rimini a little bit more in mind.

Montefiore Conca

Montefiore Conca, about 25 km from Rimini, is regularly listed as one of the most beautiful small towns in Italy – a considerable honour, given the amount of picturesque hill-top towns found throughout the country. It is, in our humble opinion, one of the ‘must sees‘ of the hinterland around Rimini. Sitting on top of […]

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