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General Sightseeing

Rimini is of course a seaside city which bases a lot of its appeal on the long sandy beaches, family friendly sea for swimming, and the miles of bars and restaurants. If you’re the sort of person, though, who doesn’t want to spend their whole holiday on the beach, then Rimini is perfect for you because it has a huge amount of fascinating history, landmarks and attractions all within easy reach. We’ve put together a list of some of the main sightseeing landmarks/monuments etc here.


Palazzo del Podestá

Palazzo del'Podesta Rimini

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Piazza Tre Martiri

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Rimini’s Grand Hotel

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Il Ponte di Tiberio – The Tiberius Bridge

Rimini Ponte Tiberio - Tiberius Bridge

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The Gambalunga Library

The Gambalunga Library - Rimini

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Borgo San Giuliano

Fellini Inspired mural in Borgo San Giuliano Rimini

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