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Vie di dialogo /4 by Silvia Camporesi and Valentina D’Accardo

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This event finished on 26 October 2014

Vie di dialogo /4 by Silvia Camporesi and Valentina D’Accardo, is part of the 2014 Rimini Foto d’Autunno photography festival

A project started by the Comune di Rimini in association with the Istituto Beni Culturali of the Emilia-Romagna region, Vie di dialogo was born to support and value the contemporary art of this region.

Vie di Dialogo takes two artists who together, through their work, parralel and tangential, manage to dialogue during the creation of the show and the catalogue, liberating new energy from the reciprical artistic collaboration.

A productive and intelligent collaboration that, in this second edition in Rimini, sees Silvia Camporesi and Valentina D’Accardi chosen as the artists by the Scientif Comittee made up of
Davide Benati, Laura Carlini, Claudia Collina, Marco Pierini, Massimo Pulini and Claudio Spadoni.
Connected on the web to the Si Fest, this fourth edition is dedicated to the photographs of art, to two young and acclaimed artists Silvia Camporesi and Valentina D’Accardi who dialogue together on the themes and shared techniques, developed through different poetics, investigating through the moment when a photo is taken, the mystery of the present tens and its contradictions.

The show runs daily in the Museo della Cittá until the 26th of October.
Entry is free.

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