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Markus Stockhausen (Percuotere la mente festival)

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Markus Stockhausen, the German trumpeter born in Cologne, brings, along with Fabio Mina, an adventurous mix of jazz, chamber music and electronica to Rimini’s Percuotere La Mente festival

The shore
Fabio Mina: flute, duduk, bansuri, khaen, electronics, field recordings, Marco Zanotti: bombos, calebasse, pandeiro, percussion, objects, Markus Stockhausen: trumpet, flicorno, tromba piccola, elettronica, Daniele Camarda: electric bass, electronics

The Shore is the latest project of musician Fabio Mina in which the passion for improvisation, extra-european music and live electronica meet with field recordings.
This performance will bring together Mina, Marco Zanotti, Markus Stockhausen and for the first time Daniele Camarda, an extraordinary bassist.

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