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Hooverphonic (percuotere la mente festival)

Event Details

Belgian Pop/Rock band Hooverphonic play Rimini’s annual Percuotere la mente festival on Monday 28th of July.

Hooverphonic - Percuotere la mente - Rimini

The band, which started out simply as ‘hoover’, before having to change its name to the current Hooverphonic, have nine studio albums under their belt, including Hooverphonic Presents Jackie Cane, The President of the LSD Golf Club, and 2013’s Reflection. The band have toured extensively over their long career, and have had their music featured in films (), tv series; they also provided the theme to the 2006 Euro Championships held in Belgium and the Netherlands, and their performance at the opening ceremony was watched by up to a billion people live.

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