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Festa de Borg – 2014 Day 1 (6th September)

Event Details

The biennial Festa de Borg (Festa del Borgo) takes place this year on Saturday 6th and Sunday the 7th.


The nature of the Festa means that there are lots of small events happening around Borgo San Giuliano, as well as the main events listed here, so you should plan for a stroll around the Borgo’s streets to get the full event.

Also be aware that the Festa de Borg is a local initiative, that is free but that takes lots of planning, and money. To help support this wonderful festival, you can buy a lottery ticket from the Societ&aacute de Borg stands that you’ll see in Viale Tiberio.

Saturday 6th Events

14.00-19.30 The Tiberius Bridge Disappears
As part of the build up to the opening of the festa, the famous Ponte di Tiberio, which connects Borgo San Giuliano and the centro storico, will be closed to all traffic (pedestrians included), and covered up in a special obscuring plastic. The Bridge, which has always played a central part in Rimini’s history and in the history of the Borgo, was started 2000 years ago, and as a recognition the festival puts it at the centre of the party – and to do that, they have to make it disappear first!

21.00 -21.30 la bimillenaria Kitch parade
Starting in Piazza Cavour, a very special parade towards the Borgo takes place, with participants dressed to reflect (in a light hearted way) Rimini’s very special history. The idea is to encapsulate, in one parade, the 2000 years of history that has passed over the Ponte di Tiberio. This will go from Roman legionaries through to Drag Queens! It promises to be a spectacle not to be missed. The parade, led by the city band, will go from Piazza Cavour through to the reservoir at the Parco Marecchia, via the Ponte di Tiberio.

21.45 – The Ponte di Tiberio Bridge 3d video Mapping
After the physical and kitch representation of the Bridge’s history, there will be a switch to something very different, and more decorous, as noted Italian artist Luca Agnani creates a 3d mapping onto the bridge. A special light show that will tell the story of the bridge in a way that you’ve never seen before, and which promises to be breath-taking. Agnani is one of the world leaders in this form of art, and his work has been used during the circles of light festival in Moscow, the festival of Saint Agatha in Catania, and the Friday night with Van Gogh series in Amsterdam at the Van Gogh Museum.

The Bridge Mapping will be repeated three times on Saturday evening.

The Borgo through the Ages
For the Festa the Borgo will be divided up into five different epochs, with historical re-enactments, food and drink, music and much more.
Imperial Rome – Viale Tiberio
The Middle Ages – Piazza Gabena
The Enlightenment and Risorgimento – The courtyard of San Giuliano church
The Economic Boom – Viale Tiberio
Today Free – Piazza Pozzetto

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