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Cluster – New Jersey Counties di Daniele Lisi

Event Details

This event finished on 14 September 2014

Cluster – New Jersey Counties by Daniele Lisi is part of the Rimini Foto d’Autunno photography festival.

Clusteer is a project undertaken between the spring of 2012 and January 2014 in an area between New Jersey and the city of New York; an area (meadowlands) that in the ’20s was forest and swamps, but was set aside for low density residential building.

The project , divided in two parts, is based on an ‘alternative study’ of territorial research using images from software, blown up and edited. They are images that suggest more than countryside, of the place, of the representative ojbects but with their methodic objectivity manage to redefine that which escapes the alienated observer of the postmodern city.

The second part encloses the representation of a ‘lived space’, nocturnal images of the same spaces analysed in the first part. Cluster emphasises, but not too much, the apparent beauty of these almost ‘perfect’ places in their geometry determined by socio-cultural parameters that are reminiscent of the virtual cities created in Sim City 3000
Through concepts and suggestions from that territory, the project confronts the elements that go to make up the disorderly mass of the urban environment, deprived of any apparent logic, where the speed of physical and virtual connections paint the picture without rules or borders, the so-called Sprawl.

The show runs daily in the Galleria dell’Imagine, Rimini
Entry is Free.

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